Jungian  Psychology



weaving Astrology, Mythology and Jungian Psychology

to provide a rich symbolic map of the psyche







Imagine that at the moment of birth you are given a play and a cast of characters. The task assigned to you is like that of the director of a play.

A good director seeks to deeply understand the story and thereby assist the characters in fully playing their roles.

The birth chart is your script, providing the themes of the story, descriptions of the characters and how they interact.

It also reveals when to expect challenges and offers practical insight for how to deal with them.

Your horoscope is the story of your Life told through the symbols of the planets and zodiacal signs.

The planets are named after gods and goddesses, who represent the primal forces of the human psyche.

The sign a planet is placed in at the time of birth describes the way those archetypal characters express themselves in your life.

Using a combination of Jungian psychology, mythology, and astrology, Loralee guides you on the path of discovering your own Personal Myth.

This knowledge will empower you to become the skilled Director who can bring forth the highest potential of your Life Story.


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Natal Horoscope Interpretation

A comprehensive analysis of conscious & unconscious aspects of the personality with emphasis on personal development, relationship dynamics, career directions & life cycles. The purpose is to provide individuals with effective tools for identifying primary stress areas & for moving through change to integration & wholeness.

Solar Return Charts

Provide a detailed account of the growth process at work for the personal solar year (birthday to birthday). The Solar Return Chart is used in conjunction with the Natal Horoscope to bring deeper understanding & direction.

Relationship/ Composite Charts

Whenever people come together in relationship an energy is created. A composite chart describes this “entity”, its qualities, purpose & direction related to the individuals involved. The consultation will explore ways to nurture harmony & rapport while recognizing conflict as a source of personal growth & the basis for true intimacy & trust.

Children’s Horoscopes

An overview of a child’s basic personality structure. The emphasis is on identifying special talents & potentials, areas of stress & paths of development.

Counseling and Dreamwork

These are provided to delve more deeply into specific issues in order to illuminate unconscious complexes & motivations.


1 hour consultation: Natal Chart – $85

2 hour consultation: Natal & Solar Return Chart – $160

Consultations are held via recorded phone or Skype calls.