‘Eowyn’s Sword’ is dedicated to exploring how a deeper understanding of Lord of the Rings could restore the best of Western civilization, and free humanity from a growing tyranny.


As the complexity of modern life accelerates, it appears the moral and ethical foundations of Western culture are increasingly debased.

Personal responsibility is replaced by a superficial collectivist ideology that leaves ‘the people’ infantalized and ill informed.

How do we come to understand our place in a world of constant change, when it seems we are racing towards catastrophe?

How do we know what actions to take, not to simply prevent annihilation, but to thrive in a new era of history?

Guidance comes through understanding Myth

Other creatures know how to survive by virtue of their genetic programming.

Human beings learn how to be human through stories.

Stories passed on from generation to generation become the playbook for how to be a contributing member of any human society.

All human cultures create a mythology that unites, guides and provides meaning and purpose to its people.

Lord of the Rings is the Myth for our Time

Not because it is a new story, but because it draws from a great body of ancient knowledge that has been obfuscated through distortion and deception.

By studying the characters and meaning of this complex tale we will rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors – ‘The Men of the West – thereby regenerating the courage, dignity, and sense of purpose required to meet the demands of our time in history.

I chose the title ‘Eowyn’s Sword’ because Eowyn represents the plight of many modern Western women.

A conscious connection to the Mother Archetype has been lost as Motherhood is devalued and images of women in popular culture exaggerate the most superficial aspects of femininity.

Eowyn’s mother has died of grief!

She has no close female role models.

She sees the only path to valor and meaning in her life is to emulate the warriors she admires.

The 21st century woman is set up to be interchangeable with men and to compete with men in masculine endeavors.

Men and women are equal in value but differently skilled.

The goal should be to honor in women the feminine virtue of strength through nurturance.

And to honor in men the virtue of strength in being valiant protectors of the Life Force.

Fortifying the innate structures of King/Warrior/Magician/Lover in men and the Queen/Female Warrior/Wisewoman/Lover in women can bring men and women together in mutuality and trust while celebrating their differences.

The Sword is an ancient symbol of power and strength

By moving the “S” from ‘SWORD’ to the end, we get “WORDS”.

The true power of civilized women and men is the use of words to seek and speak the Truth in a world where our language has been corrupted. A world where Peace means War and Freedom means Slavery.

The ‘Swords’ of today are Words!

The skilled use of language encourages spirited debate in the free market of ideas. Violence erupts when communication between people breaks down.

Humanity now faces monumental life threatening challenges. ‘Lord of the Rings’ offers insight and instruction regarding the knowledge required and actions necessary to brave these personal and collective challenges. The prophetic nature of this Myth in psycho-spiritual terms emphasizes the urgency of acquiring a more sophisticated understanding of EVIL in our time.

The characters in ‘Lord of the Rings’ enact the level of personal commitment required to sustain Trust in a deeper Knowing, especially when the Quest for Liberation seems hopeless. For that is the moment of transcendence, when Miracles occur! Self doubt, fear and despair are the traps that EVIL uses to ensnare us.


‘Lord of the Rings: The Myth for our Time’

video series

~ the fruit of my decades-long study ~

The videos posted below present my detailed analysis and narration of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Myth for our Time’, with images and video clips from the film version of ‘Lord of the Rings’.

The first video is an Introduction serving as an overview.

Subsequent videos, which will be posted during the summer and autumn 2017, elaborate on the symbolism AND meaning of ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Video topics include: The Shire; The Ring and the Nature of Evil; Kingship and the Masculine in LOTR; Female Characters in LOTR; Trees, Animals and Other Symbols.

(Video production is by Chris Russak: without his exceptional talent this project would not have been possible.)

On the Resources Page you will find links comprising the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ that led me to these conclusions.

As my own knowledge-seeking Journey continues I will post new material and links.

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I invite you to join me in this exercise of mind and imagination: to re-ignite the Spirit of Western Civilization upon which we can build a generative future for all Life on Earth.


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Lord of the Rings: The Myth for our Time Video Series
Part Two – The Shire